The Family

Campriano owners and activities


has belonged to the Neri family since 1914, the year in which it was purchased by Paolo Neri, entrepreneur and merchant from Vescovado di Murlo. His son, Dario Neri (Murlo 1895 – Milan 1958), was a famous engraver, xylographer and painter who found in the silence of Campriano an ideal place to concentrate and paint. Many of his works portray the landscapes of the nearby Sienese Crete. Dario Neri was the founder of the Electa artistic publishing house. His wife, Matilde Sclavo, and his sons, Achille and Paolo managed the farm, dedicating great attention to the conservation of the structures and the surrounding walls. In 1971, the restoration of the Romanesque Church of San Giovanni Decollato and of the rectory, found at the center of the fortified farm, was completed.

Since 1994, Achille and his agronomist son, Ranuccio Neri, have given a new impulse to the agriculture activities, looking after the production and the promotion of their bottled wines and of the extra virgin olive oil that carries the Campriano label. After Achille Neri’s passing in June of 2000, Ranuccio Neri has managed the farm business alone and is continuously developing the project that opens the family house to guests for relaxing vacation stays. In this project, together with the inhabitants of Campriano, the Neri family offers the Villa’s guests the possibility to have a unique experience. Ranuccio Neri is available for tastings and tours of the farm.